Micro Fiction


I decided to announce my idea sketches that were going to be announced collectively some time by the blog form. The majority are incomplete and are unpublished though are in that also the picture that has already been announced as a finished work. They are daily image memos of more than doodle and less than work. It might be actually an appearance of me that only this state is real. It is shameful that it is seen by the person. And, it is scared to be gotten tired in above all. However, it is not time when it has already grudged it. I want to put forth everything completely and to go to the next dimension early. I want to eat the cheek of the girl who is crying in the dark. So I will enter the net society belatedly. (April 14, 2010 / Kenichiro Mizuno)


『 にほん って?』~47人のつくるひと~

『 にほん って?』~47人のつくるひと~

2016年9月3日(土)~ 10月2日(日)※月曜日休廊
10:00 open 19:30 close(※博物館のイベントにより変動あり)
〒604-8183 京都市京都市中京区三条高倉


おもしろいことまだあるし たのしいこともっとあるし それはここにもあるし
日本にもあるし みてほしい




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